Caleta Paraiso

Caleta Paraiso is a former holiday complex situated in Costa Antigua, Nuevo Horizonte. The properties are mainly one and two bedroom apartments, with some studios. They have been sold off to private owners, a large number of whom are Irish. Some are currently up for sale.

The bar on Caleta Paraiso is called Stoners, and has recently had a facelift. Just at the moment, though it is closed, but is still functioning from premisis across the road from the complex.

Of course, all the bars on Fuerteventura turn into Irish Bars on March 17th, and if you are in Caleta Paraiso at the time you will have a range of opportunities and places to celebrate it. You won't be short of company either!

If you visit Caleta Pariso, you will be pleased with the look of the swimming pools which have recently been rebuilt.You will also find Karaoke bars, and several other bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

The complex also has nice gardens which are well maintained.