Corralejo Fuerteventura

Corralejo is the largest town in the Northern municipality of La Oliva. It continues to grow and attract immigrants from many countries including Ireland. There is quite a large Irish community in Corralejo and a few of them own and run businesses, with bars and estate agencies being popular choices.

The bars in the town include Rosie O'Grady's, Finnegans, Paddy's Bar, and the Dubliner. These are all located in a small area in the centre of Corralejo, So it wouldn't be a big job to do a quick tour to decide which you preferred best.

There are several Irish entertainers in Corralejo, so it is possible to find live Irish music most nights of the week. Irish sports are available live on tv, but it is advisable to check which programmes are being offered rather than turning up at the last minute to see your favourite sporting event.

Corralejo was originally a small fishing village that has expanded into the major international holiday resort, tit provides a wide range of activities, particularly water sports. Many of these are based around the port but others are practiced on the outskirts of the town, in a place locals refer to as Flag beach.

To the south of the town is a natural park that consists of a large area of sand dunes, which you will see as you journey from the airport to Corralejo.

There is a water park, but this is closed in the winter months and there is a weekly market.

The main road in Corralejo is being redesigned with pedestrians and shopping in mind, and there is a new shopping centre called Las Palmeras.

Religious processionFiesta

Corralejo also has many fiestas based around the Saints days. These combine solemn religous occasions with and excuse to have a party all night! 2005-2013