Caleta has many names, including Caleta de Fuste, and Costa Caleta. The name was changed for marketing reasons to Costa Caleta, because it was thought that English speaking people in particular would have less trouble pronouncing the name.

Though there is not a very large Irish community in Costa Caleta, it is a popular destination for people from Ireland, many of whom have bought properties in the area, particulary in Nuevo Horizonte.

The fact that the resort is popular with Irish visitors means that many of the pubs are themed in a way to appeal to them, and an increasing number are owned by Irish people.

Many of the complexes have small poolbars and the Harp Bar at the Castillo Playa bungalows is run by Tony and Susan who are originally from Dublin.

As Caleta de Fuste developed as a holiday resort the majority of visitors were English speaking, so English is the common language of the resort. Although there are bars and restaurants that are Irish English and Spanish owned and there are also Indian Chinese and other nationalities restaurants so you will have plenty of choice.

Costa Caleta itself is a family based resort that is about 10 minutes south of Fuerteventura Airport. The first beach that was created was made in the large horseshoe shaped bay, which is shelterered from the waves and slopes gently into the sea. In 2005 several new smaller beaches were made by the Atlantico to serve the visitors to the new hotels that were built recently. I prefer these beaches to the one at Caleta, as the water is deeper. In Caleta though it is safer for children as it is not too deep.

The accommodation available in Costa Caleta ranges from studios and apartments, through to the five star hotels. The opportunities for Golfing are excelent as there are two golf courses in Caleta alone.

There are all the activities you would expect at a well developed resort, including boat trips, sporting activities, such as diving, snorkelling, and organised day trips to other parts of the island. Caleta's central location means it is ideally placed if you want to explore the rest of Fuerteventura.

Dubliner Irish Pub
Dubliner Irish Pub

Scoobies and the Phoenix Showbar
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