Fuerteventura Flights

Flying from Ireland to Fuerteventura, the sunniest of the Canary Islands suddenly became an option for those looking for short breaks as well as those wanting to spend their traditional two weeks away from the rain back home.

Ryanair fly from Dublin to Fuerteventura, though you have to be an early bird to take advantage of these flights as the outward bound flight from Dublin takes off at 6.45am and the return flight to Dublin departs at 11.45, 35 minutes after the plane has arrived at Fuerteventura Airport. At the moment Ryanair fly on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Prices are quite reasonable, but of course when you have added on the tax and the fee for taking your suitcase on board the price is more, but still so low that Fuerteventura to continue to have significant numbers of visitors arriving from Ireland. Of course if you own a place on Fuerteventura, you will not need to take much with you as luggage.

Flights are also available from Dublin and though the scheduled journey time is around four hours most flights arrive ahead of schedule, so the flight time is actually a little less than four hours.

Fuerteventura airport is now a large airport having been recently extended and you can find a good range of shops available on your return journey that are duty free. The airport offers a pleasant environment to spend your time as there are outside waiting areas where you can enjoy a drink or snack, thought you need to be careful with the paper cups if it is a windy day! There is also a restaurant just outside the departure entrance of the airport.

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Ryanair Dublin to Fuerteventura

Photograph of some of the first Ryanair passengers Dublin to Fuerteventura